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What You Must Know About Computer Vision Syndrome

Your eyes are your window to the world. It is very important to take care of the health of your eyes and to maintain your eyesight because if not, you will have trouble seeing your surroundings. Vision is one of our five main senses. It is one of the ways we sense the world around us. Maintaining it is crucial to make our senses stay sharp. However, these days, several diseases and problems affect our vision. With the development of technology, the growth of gadgets, the need to use them, as well as the necessity to stare at the screens most of the time, it will put a strain in our eyes. This is what we call computer vision syndrome, or CVS for short.


staring a screenProblems related to your eyes that are caused by the usage of computer and staring at screens all fall under computer vision syndrome. It is not just one specific problem. Instead, it encompasses a wide range of eye pain and eye strain. Around fifty to ninety percent of people that work with screens will experience some symptoms. The people affected are not just adults, but children can be affected as well. It is caused by staring at tablets, computers, and screens throughout the day, especially if their posture and the lighting is off less than ideal conditions. When working with computers, you will have to endure the constant focus and refocus of your eyes as they go through the repetitive motion and follow the same path repeatedly. Additionally, screens ad flicker, glare, and contrast which requires more effort from your eyes and eye muscle.


When you work with screens for hours at a time, you will experience strains and pain in your eyes. Although there is no credible and reliable proof of any long-term eye damage caused by the regular use of computers, it can surely lead to cause discomfort of the eyes and eye strain. Some symptoms you will notice are eye irritation, dryness, red eyes, double vision, blurred vision, neck pains, back pains, and headaches.

Prevention and treatment

eyeIf you do not do anything about them, it will affect more than just your eyesight. It will also affect your productivity and work performance. How to prevent Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS)? Proper viewing habits and several simple changes in how you work and in your workspace can help treat and prevent symptoms and problems. You can rearrange your desk so that the monitor is slightly below eye level, adjust the lighting of your surroundings to cut the glare, tweak the settings of your screen brightness, contrast, and the size of your font, rest your eyes and give your eyes a twenty-second break every time you stare at the screen for twenty minutes, and don’t forget to do regular eye checkups.…