You need to lose weight wherever you are. You don’t have to go to a commercial gym to exercise to lose weight. You can have your gym at home, but if you do not have one, there are several unplanned fitness exercises you can do at home and shed those extra pounds off your body. Here are some of these exercises.

Exercises you can do at home



Jogging is very effective in weight loss. It leads to stretching of leg and feet muscles. It also enhances blood circulation in the body and increases the metabolism of fats. You need to take a lot of water before you start jogging because you will be sweating profusely after a minute or so. Also, warm up before you begin and always start with the lowest speed. Increase the speed progressively until you can increase it no more. Take a rest after a few moments then start again.

Rope skipping

Rope skipping is a game you can play and enjoy as you lose weight all at the same time. A minute of rope skipping will leave your blood racing. This will increase the basal metabolism rate which will see the fat under your skin being converted into energy.


Squats are simple exercises, but their effects on weight loss are both far-reaching and admirable. They are both body workout and body toning exercises. If you are doing squats, make sure that you stand upright so that you do not harm your back. Lower your body slowly to the farthest that it can go, then raise it up slowly until you go back to the original position. You can raise your hands up, keep them at the back of your head or even keep them parallel to the ground. Repeat this process for about 30 or 40 times without stopping depending on your tolerance level then take a rest. When you are ready to start again, change the position of the hands and spread your legs a bit further. Make a few changes every time you start over again.


jaCSNclnaslklndklsnlksdlkvnklsndvsdPushups are very similar to squats in that you support your entire body weight as you move it up and down. With squats, you support your body weight with your leg muscles, but with pushups, you support it with your hands. To do a pushup, lie flat on the floor on your tummy. Then, using your hands, push up your body until your hands are fully stretched. You can place your legs on a raised surface like the edge of a bench so that your body is parallel to the ground then repeat the process.

For the best results, combine all these exercises and more to form a 10 or 15-minute weight loss program that you can do comfortably at home. Make it a routine program that is done daily. Don’t forget that you need a rest day as much as you need a workout day, so select two days out of the seven days of the week as rest days. After a few weeks, you will notice a lot of changes to your body weight, other things remaining constant.