Invite The Candidates

Your help is needed to make the National Forum on Disability Issues a success. Each of the campaigns have acknowledged the event but will not make a decision for several more weeks, and perhaps at the last minute. We must make them aware of the significance and prominence of the disability community and disability policy issues. They must FEEL THE POWER OF THE DISABILITY VOTE!

Write a letter to the Campaign Offices of President Obama, Governor Romney and if you are in Ohio to Josh Mandel and Sherrod Brown. Remind them that there are 57 million people with disabilities in the United States who are impacted by disability policies, and 14.7 million people with disabilities voted in the November, 2008 election. Tell them why the Forum and disability issues are important to you and to the disability community. Tell them that the forum will be the only national event to focus specifically on disability issues. Questions are expected to focus on “big picture” issues facing the broad disability community, such as employment, health care, long-term services and supports, education, transportation, housing, and research.